Deacon’s Winter

‘‘You’ve gotta love Deacon. He’s a smart tough guy with a heart of gold and a soul in torment.’’

Donna Kennedy,

writer, editor, teacher

‘‘I haven’t enjoyed a series character this much in a long time, and I can’t wait for the next Deacon installment.’’

Bruce McAllister,

author of Dream Baby

‘‘An intriguing tale by a native Chicagoan who knows his way around the neighborhoods and the people working in the Catholic church…a gripping read.’’

Paul Johnson,


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Review by Kirkus

Burgraff writes in a crisp moody prose that makes this noir a satisfying escape. He offers a uniquely Catholic revenge fantasy that should appeal to readers' dark angels. Burgraff's chilly depiction of Chicago and his sometimes disturbing protagonist makes this a memorable read with potential for future installments.
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Review by U.S. Review

The author…weaves a believable plot and a gallery of remarkable characters into this masterfully written, engaging novel. This character deserves a sequel or better yet, a series. Recommended by US Review of Books.
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From the moment a bloody and battered woman came to my church for refuge, I was drawn into a web of blackmail, torture, murder and corruption of the highest order in Chicago politics. I’d have to put aside my own crisis of faith and help her. God would want me to…

Those are the words of Deacon Adelius, protagonist of my thriller, Deacon’s Winter.  Deacon works, and struggles with his issues of faith, at St. Sebastian’s Catholic Church in the tough Chicago neighborhood where he grew up. He's a product of the streets, and the contacts he's retained—as well as the moves he learned as an MP in the Army—help him survive, and, in his own way, do the work of the Church. He is an “announcer” within a secret society of the Catholic Church called the “Gabrians,” who have developed a unique system of ridding the church of its sexual predators.


A battered woman who ends up at his church, and whom he hides in his room there to protect her, turns out to be a high-end madam who is blackmailing the candidates for Mayor and Governor. She is discovered, Deacon is wounded and she is taken. When she’s found murdered wearing Deacon’s sweatshirt, he becomes a suspect. Thus he is drawn into a world of violence, blackmail, murder and political corruption.  

Deacon’s Winter is a story that could be pulled from the front page of any Chicago newspaper. It is the story of a man struggling to do the work of God in the midst of Chicago’s dark streets and politics. If you enjoy good thriller stories as much as I do, Deacon’s Winter should appeal to fans who appreciate the engaging characters, edge-of-the-seat drive and adventures in the darker side of the human soul in novelists like Lee Child, Harlan Coben and John Connolly.

Roger Burgraff

Roger Burgraff is an internationally known public speaker and author. He has presented seminars in eighteen different countries.

He is originally from Chicago, Illinois and received his BA and MA from DePaul University and his Ph.D. from Denver University.

He has written three novels. His latest, Deacon’s Winter can be purchased from or from

Prior to his career as a seminar leader, Roger was a clinical Speech Pathologist. He served as a Captain in the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps. While working for the Air Force in the U.K. he earned formal recognition for his professional services in Anglo-American relations. He also received the Instructor Excellence award from the University of California, Riverside.

Roger currently lives in Redlands, California with his wife Marjorie.


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